Two-Phase Treatment in Manhattan and Riverdale, NY

When you’re looking for braces or clear braces in Riverdale, Manhattan, or New York City, we at Goodman Orthodontics are proud to be your premier choice. With our wide variety of treatments that we offer in the field of orthodontics, we’re sure to be able to treat any and all of a patient’s orthodontic problems, no matter how complex. Even when a child happens to have orthodontic problems with his or her primary teeth before standard orthodontic treatment is traditionally done, we’re able to provide two-phase treatment to fix this issue.


What Is Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-phase treatment occurs when a patient is evaluated and then needs intervention before starting regular orthodontic treatment. This will result in two separate treatment plans. This type of treatment encompasses the facial changes of the patient along with tooth straightening. As a trusted New York orthodontist, we’re able to utilize this treatment to give a patient an aesthetically beautiful smile along with a properly functioning bite that will last a lifetime.


The Two-Phase Treatment Process

Phase I

Phase I will typically occur when the child still has his or her primary teeth. This phase will help ensure that there’s no overcrowding and that the permanent teeth will have room to erupt. This treatment plan can include preventive, interceptive, or modifying treatment. Orthodontic appliances can be used during this time to correct a current problem or prevent a problem from occurring. Phase I treatment can fix multiple problems with tooth alignment, gums, or jaws. One of the additional benefits of Phase I treatment is that it can lessen the time needed for Phase II treatment.

Resting Phase

During this phase, we’ll monitor the progress of the patient’s teeth as the remaining permanent teeth erupt. Routine six-month checkups are vital during this time in order to guarantee that the final orthodontic treatment is a success.

Phase II

Phase II is essentially normal orthodontic treatment. This will involve placing the braces on a patient when his or her permanent teeth have erupted. The braces will straighten the permanent teeth and finish correctly aligning the jaw.

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