Orthodontic Fees

No region in the country has a greater range of orthodontic fees than  New York City.  At the high end,  Some offices charge over $9,000 for Invisalign and braces (such high fees you rarely see anywhere else in the United States, and the country is filled with excellent orthodontists).  Do you research to determine if these offices offer services or expertise that Goodman Orthodontics.    At the other end of the spectrum, there are some very low fees out there. Mostly, these are high volume offices with many doctors on the premises, or general dental offices that lure patients but only include a limited number of aligners or rounds of treatment. 

Despite our unparalleled experience with Invisalign, our usage of the very finest materials, and our large experienced staff (average clinical experience is 15 years) , our fees remain in the middle of the road. This is what allow us to start as many cases as we do.   In our office,  the average case of moderately-severely crowded teeth ranges between $5800-$7800. Cases that are challenging for Invisalign treatment or require combination treatment with braces are usually charged $7800-8500,  and some very minor shifting cases with Invisalign are charged in the $3500-$4800 range.  Our office bases the treatment fee more on the degree of correction required versus the time in treatment, and we are very good at pricing a treatment fairly.

Insurance and Orthodontics

SpringstoneLogo.pngThe first thing that needs to be determined is whether you have ORTHODONTIC coverage, and if coverage is in effect beyond age 19. Most plans cover between $1000 and $2000 maximum, which means that you will be reimbursed that amount by your insurance company. If your dental plan is a PPO, and you choose to  visit a "participating provider" then the fee for treatment with conventional metal braces should be reduced in accordance with the particular plan, BUT they are able to upcharge significantly for Invisalign or clear braces.  With the vast majority of dental plans, treatment at Goodman Orthodontics will still entitle you to receive your full orthodontic benefit, but the fee will be our regular treatment fee, as we are not participating providers with any plan.  If you seek out a participating provider, please be careful in determining an office's ENTIRE fee, including records, retainers, broken appointment fees, and appliance breakage fees.

Based on an initial examination, Dr. Goodman can provide you with the various treatment options, and estimates of cost and length of treatment. Dr. Goodman will spend the time necessary to answer all your questions. At your visit, we have set aside time to get started with taking records, including study casts, radiographs, and clinical photos. Follow up questions can be forwarded following the visit via e-mail.